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Jul 10, 2010 1:00pm EDT
to be in the military. >> reporter: c.a.p. is affiliated with the u.s. air force and is open to young people age 12 all the way up to 21. >> i've been in civil air patrol for about a month, and i joined because when i get older i'm interested in joining the navy and it's just something that i enjoy doing. >> reporter: in 1941, world war ii had been raging for two years, but the u.s. was still on the sidelines. the civil air patrol was started just a few days before the japanese attacked pearl harbor. during the war c.a.p. helped guard our borders, even sinking some german submarines. since then, c.a.p. has turned to more peaceful purposes. >> basically, it has three missions. aerospace education, emergency services and cadet programs. >> reporter: for example, during hurricane katrina, c.a.p. helped with disaster relief, flying in badly needed supplies and water. >> of all the things i've gotten to do in civil air patrol, the most memorable would probably be my very first flight because before that, to tell you the truth, i was afraid of going in airplanes. but my first flight changed that. >> i've bee
Jul 24, 2010 4:00pm PDT
carrying ten convicted russian spies arrived in vienna from the u.s. in exchange for four people accused of spying for the west, including the nuclear scientist igor sutyagin, the ten pleaded guilty to acting as unregistered agents in a manhattan federal courtroom. >>> it's been six months since a massive earthquake devastated haiti, killing nearly 300,000 people and laying waste to the capital, port-au-prince. the picture remains bleak for the island nation. only 2% of the rubble has been cleared. plagued by corruption and a weak government. relief camps have swelled. 1.6 million people are living under plastic tarps or in tents. >>> and it's fiesta time in spain. from madrid to barcelona, spaniards took to the streets to celebrate spain's first world cup championship, defeating holland 1-0 to take the title. for >>> well, for a lot us, the need to fit "in" with a group can often make you feel left out. but cliques don't have to complicate your life. felipe has the story. >> reporter: let's face it, we all look for friends who like the same things we're into. it's when certain groups o
Jul 31, 2010 4:00pm PDT
the entire u.s. team is still in contention for the gold. >> well, italy is definitely a big blur. you know, i just remember the highlights and being so stoked. >> look at that big front-side 540 snail pitch. oh, lands that clean with the grab! >> another olympic run from teter! >> i was basically like, i can't believe i just friggin' did that! >> hannah teter is the gold medalist. >> torino was amazing. i did everything i wanted to do. >> there's a 900! whoa, unbelievable! bleiler goes ballistic! gretchen bleiler, a silver medal. >> it was just -- it was magic. >> heading into my last run in torino, i was sitting in fourth place. i had just gotten bumped out of the medal position. i knew what i had to do to win that event. i knew i was going to go for it, and that's just what i did. >> front side 900 -- oh! kelly clark sits on her landing. >> yeah, she was just flying so high and doing so well. i would have definitely probably been a happy second placer if she had landed that. you know, watching hannah and watching gretchen stand up on that podium, that was an amazing thing to watch as a f
Jul 17, 2010 1:30pm EDT
and '60s, the u.s. was at war. but not like the ones we think of today. it was known as the cold war. there were no actual battles, but tensions were high between the united states and russia. >> during the cold war, there was a real fear that there would be massive nuclear attacks that would obliterate many of the countries on the globe. so the "growler" would patrol near the soviet union. so her mission was to dissuade the soviet union from launching an attack on the united states. let's go take a look inside. this is where the "growler's" missiles were stored. >> reporter: wow. how many missiles can you fit in here? >> the "growler" can hold four missiles total, two in each of these hanger bays. >> so this is one of the growler's showers. >> reporter: oh my god! it's tiny! how do people fit in there? oh my god, and where's the bathroom? >> well there are a few other showers and toilets on the "growler," but there's a little one right next to it. >> reporter: that might be two feet wide. that's so tiny. the bathrooms may be small, but they actually pulled double duty and served ano
Jul 31, 2010 2:30pm PDT
york city. she's disappointed by this new trend. >> as it is the u.s. has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates of any industrialized country. as a nation we actually are not in alignment with the reality of our young people. >> dr. diaz says adults are failing teens and that they need to do a better job of talking to kids about the consequences of sex. >> we do not give them the tools and the information that they need to make sensible decisions. and what i mean by that is giving them comprehensive sexuality education that goes from abstinence to family planning to option counseling. >> reporter: precious says she didn't have that information in school or at home. now at age 19, she's the parent of a 2-year-old. >> maybe safe sex should be taught in the schools more. because i didn't really have sex ed. i had health, but it really didn't teach you about safe sex. and it's like, sometimes it's awkward to talk to your parents about that, so it's like sometimes you don't know where to turn. >> reporter: even though they're working hard to be good parents, these girls all agree, th
Jul 24, 2010 1:30pm EDT
% of my patients were kids. >> reporter: this is a different world than what we are used to in the u.s. like the refugees, dr. wan lived with no running water or electricity, but making the adjustment was not the biggest issue he faced. >> it was a team of three. myself, which is one doctor, one nurse and one administrator. the three of us were sent out there for three camps of 60,000 people, so there was no time to think about adjusting. >> reporter: dr. wan dealt mostly with the effects of malnutrition. a lack of food will make you get sick easier. the challenge then became treating people without the benefits of modern medicine. basic medical equipment, like x-ray machines, were not available. doctors had to learn to use other methods to treat their patients. doctors don't get paid for their work with doctors without borders, but dr. wan says you can't put a price on the satisfaction of what he accomplished. as a matter of fact, he is planning to head out on another mission very soon. >> it's like this is what i was trained for, you know? i didn't go to medical school to deal with i
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)